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[翻譯]一篇登不出去LM.C Orz
之前自告奮勇,爲MJP翻譯一篇無人問津的LM.C訪談,結果不知咋的,就是沒登!居然隔壁那篇高難度的木庫LIVE REPORT搞正。。。 明明這篇質量更高撒!

現在就安慰一下自己,博客登了算了 TVT

注意兩人關于LUNA SEA那PART的訪談,Aiji不愧是“甜小孩”出來的優良子孫,回答真夠RP,大哥SGZ會感到很安慰的!

☆ROCKed the FN.LND☆ maya and Aiji talk touring in Helsinki
☆ROCKed the FN.LND☆ maya和Aiji在赫尔辛基发表世界巡回的感想
Note: This interview was originally taken in Helsinki on February 8th, 2009, during LM.C's world tour.

People had been anxiously waiting for LM.C's arrival in Finland. This became a reality for the eager fans in the beginning of February, when LM.C took its place in front of the sold out audience at Gloria. The day of the concert was filled with action for the band, so there was no time for an interview then. Fortunately for us, they found some time after the concert. At the time of the interview the day of the concert was already far back in time, but the memories were still strong in maya's and Aiji's minds.

"I was very happy to finally get to meet fans, I had never before seen," maya summarizes their feelings after tour. Aiji is also satisfied with the past tour: "I was filled with joy. All the hard work gave us amazing days I wouldn't trade for anything."

Surprisingly, during the long tour, consisting of 36 concerts in total, they didn't suffer any great setbacks. Something strange did happen to Maya, though: "I fell asleep in the tour bus and woke up in front of the next venue. This has never happened to me before and it felt strange." Aiji doesn't come up with anything weird, instead he manages to compliment his fans: "Actually, only the fact I could spend some time with foreign fans is quite incredible."

Fans had also brought lots of presents for the band. Can the band remember anything extra special? "The fact that everyone was singing with me was the best present," says maya. Fans that remember the lyrics naturally warm a band member's heart. In Finland maya also received a birthday present in the form of a song, as the fans sang Happy Birthday to him. Aiji's present to remember is a little bit more concrete: "The messages written in the flags of different countries made me happy."
当地的粉丝预备了很多送给乐队的礼物,哪一份最能成员留下深刻的印象?maya回答:“最佳礼物当属所有人跟我一起大合唱。” 听到粉丝唱出日文歌词,成员的心窝自然而然感到温暖。maya在芬兰收到了一份很特别的生日礼物-- 粉丝合唱一曲送给他的生日歌。Aiji的答案则更为实体化:“(有一份礼物是)很多国家的国旗上写满了留言,我收到后十分高兴。”

Even though the band was in Europe for the first time, the cultural shock wasn't too big for either of them, and in their minds, there's not much the local audience can learn from their Japanese counterparts. "Everyone has their own way of having fun," says maya. Aiji continues: "There are certainly differences, but that's exactly the thing we're interested to see, so I want the fans to stay just the way they are."

Japanese knowhow
Japanese popculture is now more popular than ever, especially the music is charming huge crowds. This became very clear at the sold out live event of LM.C, among the enchanted fans. Do the two members have any idea why they and Japanese bands in general are so popular? "I have no idea. I'll come up with an answer when we come back again," maya laughs. Aiji has a more analytical approach to the question: "This type of music is probably something that can't be made by anyone else than us Japanese. The fineness and detailedness and the melody that is made to be sung in Japanese gives it a special rhythm. Maybe it's good for the listeners because it feels new and fresh to foreigners."

Besides their own music, the LM.C members want to recommend other gems of Japanese culture to the readers. Maya mentions that his own favorites are Enix's old Dragon Quest games, Aiji recommends the Monster Hunter games and Laputa - a Castle in the Sky, that was just released in cinemas in Finland with a new Finnish dub, and the other Miyazaki classics and anything by Katsuhiro Otomo.
除了自己的作品,LM.C成员还藉此机会向读者推荐其他的日本文化精髓。 Maya提到他的最爱,日本游戏公司艾尼克斯(现在是史克威尔艾尼克斯)出品的经典游戏系列《勇者斗恶龙》。Aiji介绍的是《怪兽猎人》游戏系列和导演宫崎骏执导的名作《天空之城》,这部电影刚刚在当地上映芬兰语字幕版本。还有宫崎骏的其他电影和著名动漫大师大友克洋制作的所有作品。

Sempai and little brother

Either of the gentlemen isn't a new face in music business and has had considerable success before LM.C. Aiji was earlier a member in the legendary Pierrot, maya on the other hand is well known for his career in Miyavi's band. Aiji's extensive experience in music is highlighted, when we ask the members to describe eachother with one word. "Forerunner", says maya about his bandmate. Aiji's word for maya is "littlebrotherish". The reasons for forming LM.C are clear to Aiji: "The starting point for LM.C was that I thought I could create something new, if I worked with maya." About the differences compared to his past bands he only says this: "Compared to the earlier bands there are only two band members this time."

Still, the differences are very noticeable. LM.C is well known for their extravagant neon color and lollipop inspired look and cheerful music videos. It's not all just glitter glued on top of them by their management, the members have a heavy influence on their look. "We're both in from start to finish," maya confirms. "We're both in this 100 percent. The project doesn't move forward if we're not in," Aiji adds. Inspiration comes from many sources. "I've found inspiration on for example newspaper advertisements and city billboards," says Aiji.

Covering an idol
The band appeared on the Luna Sea cover album with the song In my Dream (With shiver). Luna Sea is one of the most influential and popular rock bands in Japan throughout the ages. If Luna Sea would cover one song by LM.C, which would it be? "All of them," maya says. Aiji is a bit calmer: "If they would be so kind and did it, any one of our songs would be fine."

乐队参与制作了纪念LUNA SEA的翻唱专辑,挑选的曲目是“In my Dream (With shiver)”。LUNA SEA一直以来都是日本最具影响力和人气的摇滚乐团。如果有机会让LUNA SEA翻唱LM.C的一首曲子,成员希望是哪一首呢?maya回答:“每一首。”Aiji则更为谨慎一些:“如果他们愿意这样做,任何一首都很不错了。”

Finally messages to the readers and fans. Maya begins: "It was wonderful that the last country on the tour was Finland. It was such a good live. Thank you for your constant support. Just wait, I'll come again across the seas to see you!" Aiji shares maya's thoughts: "I could spend some very fine moments with the Finnish fans. We're sure to come to Finland on our next tour, so please come see us then, too! I love you all with all my heart!"
最后是成员给所有读者和粉丝留言的时刻。首先是maya:“很高兴巡回的最后一战是芬兰,在这里演出的LIVE棒极了。谢谢你们长期以来的支持。过不了多久,我会跨越大海再次与你们相聚!” Aiji的留言与maya的想法很相似:“很高兴能与芬兰的粉丝共度一段非常美好的时光。我们坚信下一次巡回能再次来到芬兰,希望大家届时还会来观看我们的演出。我由衷的喜欢大家!”